Jon Løvøen

Born 1974, Tvedestrand, Norway
Resides and works in Oslo, Norway

Jon Løvøen's complex imagery is made from the intuitive layering of spraypaint and sanding, a deconstructive process  linked to graffiti. The final results are faceted and brilliant, with complex color schemes and fine details.

Jon Løvøen graduated from the Art Academy of Bergen in 2002 and is known for letting his true, uncensored self be the centre of his art and for using talk shows with fictional art-interviews in his video and performance art. He exhibits his work and performances regularly within Scandinavia and abroad.



The Art Academy in Bergen, w/ prof. Stephan Dillemuth and Jeannette Christensen

Rogaland Art School

Bergen Art School

Exhibitions and performances

2014 – TM51 Window Gallery, Norway

2012 – Grafitti Reconstructed, TM51. Oslo

2012 – Grafitti Remake, Galleri Guldsmedengen. Arendal

2011 – Master of Ceremony, Landmark 10 years, Landmark Bergen Art Hall

2010 – Exhibition with Charlotte Thiis-Evensen at Arendal Kunstforening

2009 – Summer Exhibitior of the Year, Borøy Kunsthandel

2009 – Sørlandsutstillingen 2009

2009 – Evening talk show featuring Kåre Magnus Bergh, Svette Netter, UKS, Oslo

2009 – Curator, Changing Club (featuring Matias Faldbakken, Ole Martin Lund Bø, Martin Skauen and Anders Smebye), Intenasjonalen, Oslo

2008 – I am human and I need to be loved, Monkeytown, New York

2008 – Hidden identity, Bomuldsfabriken, Arendal

2008 – Kultur i Sentrum –Kunstsamleren, Galleri Rekord, Oslo

2008 – Performance (at book launch for The meaning of sex), Sex i SentrumTorpedo, Oslo

2007 – New Work 2005 - 2006, Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Kristiansand

2007 – Pecha Kucha performance, Opening Speech, DogA, Oslo

2006 – Culture in the Centre – what now, Momentum? Momentum Biennial 2006, Moss

2006 – 4x4, Tromsø Kunstforening

2006 – Galleri F15, jubileumsutstilling Moss Bryggeri Utstillingshall, video

2005 – Select Media Festival 05 Chicago

2005 – Performance (directed by the National Art Museum), Catch the Frog, the National Gallery, Oslo

2005 – 10 Years / 10 Artists, Sørlandets Kunstmuseum. Kristiansand

2004 – Ten Men on Love, group exhibition commissioned by Vestlandske Kunstmisjon, Bergen

2003 – Class of 2003, Vestfossen Art Laboratory

2003 – Screening at CENPI, Helgekjør, Beograd

2003 – Performance weekend, Kunstbanken, Hedmark Art Centre

2003 – Performance, Kultur i Sentrum –kunst og teknologi i en ny tid, Bergen

2003 – Performance, Agenda, nå! –et forum med kunst som alibi, Landmark Bergen Kunsthall 

2002 – Screening, Helgekjør, Nordic Scene, Brussels

2002 – Group exhibition, Dominance, Fotogalleriet, Oslo

2002 – 100 Sørlandskunstnere, levende og døde, Bomuldsfabriken, Arendal 

2002 – Typical, Møre and Romsdal Art Centre, Molde

2002 – Degree Show, Bergens and Trondheim Academy, Kunstnernes Hus

2002 – Screening, Site under construction, Tou Scene, Stavanger

2002 – Talk show, Jon Løvøens Helgekjør, Teatergarasjen, Bergen

2001 – Portraits, Galleri F15, Jeløya

2001 – Play-boy-sex-girl, Bomuldsfabriken, Arendal

2001 – White Cube, Bergen


2007 – The Meaning of Sex, Christel Sverre and Wenche Muhleissen