Erik Pirolt

Born 1977, Kristiansand, Norway
Resides and works in Kristiansand, Norway

Eric Pirolt creates artwork around concepts of the specific moments that make up a life. The temporality of the human form, the power it can contain, and even the matter a life depends on becomes rich subjects of exploration.

Pirolt's imbues his expansive installations, sculpture, video works, and paintings with direct compositions and specific color-schemes: each project has it's own determined aesthetic.

Eric Pirolt has shown his work extensively within Norway and abroad, including at the Palais de Tokyo, the Colombo Art Bienalle in Sri Lanka, and Bristol Kunsbiennale in the UK. He graduated with an MFA from Oslo's own Kunstakademiet in 2008, and has since received many grants and awards.

Solo Exhibitions

2014 – 'The Swan Song', Kristiansand Art Hall

2014 – 'Vibrert rom gråter ikke', House of Fondation, Moss

2013 – 'The Rabbit Hole', TM51, Oslo

2013 – 'Shattered Cosmos' with Trond N. Perry, Gallery Bi-z, Kristiansand

2011 – 'Min død er projisert i deg', UKS, Oslo

2011 – 'Where are the eccobrothers', Gallery W, Oslo

2011 – 'Flying View', installation at the Grimstad archipelago, Norway

2011 – 'Eye Contact Man', Art Walks at secondary schools in West-Agder, Norway

2010 – 'Constructions from the inner landscape', Gallery NB, Viborg, Denmark

2009 – Homecoming Ceremony of the Art Boat K.Y.S., Kristiansand, Norway

2009 – 'Constructions from the inner landscape', Galleri Bi-Z, Kristiansand, Norway

2009 – Snow sculpture exhibition, Vinje, Norway


Group Exhibitions

2013 – 'Black moon', Palais de Tokyo, Paris

2013 – 'Shattered Cosmos', Malmø Art Hall, Sweden

2013 – 'Paradise Telescope', Installation at the archipelago, Kragerø

2012 – 'A Dream at Sea' - screening of documentary film, Bristol Art Biennale, England

2012 – 'Gewalt Kunst Werk', Kristiansand Art Hall, Norway

2012 – 'Game of Life', Kristiansand Art Hall, Norway

2012 – 'Becoming', Colombo Art Bienalle, Sri Lanka

2012 – 'The Ecco Brothers', the Moss Literature Festival, Norway

2012 – 'The Line Dancer', Sukkerbiten by the Opera, Olso

2011 – 'Fire frekke fyrer', Grimstad kunstforening, Norway

2011 – 'Do not look into the eyes', Galleri NB, Copenhagen, Denmark

2011 – 'BOB', Gallery Titanic, Vilnius, Estonia

2011 – 'The Librarian', Gallery Mølla, Kristiansand, Norway

2011 – 'Dynamic Pavilion', Tall Ship Races, Kristiansand, Norway

2010 – 'Communication Breakdown', MiLF, Trondheim, Norway

2010 – 'Dead Line Express', Havnebassenget, Kristiansand, Norway

2010 – Gallery Bi-z, Kristiansand, Norway

2010 – 'Abstract Future', Sørlandsutstillingen, Norway

2009 – 'Forest Magic', Studio G-punkt, Kristiansand, Norway

2009 – ' Den figurative kampen mot det naive', Sprayboks Art Hall, Kristiansand, Norway

2009 – 'Sorgborret', Sørlandsutstillingen, Norway

2009 – 'Indrefittas eksistensielle problem', Vestlandsutstillingen, Norway

2008 – 'Mannen som river av seg hodet', Snow sculpture festival, Hovden, Norway

2008 – 'K.Y.S.', Norwegian Maritime Museum, Oslo, Norway

2008 – 'Hatch', Kunstnerforbundet, Kristiansand, Norway

2008 – 'Inland Empire', Kristiansand Kunstforening, Norway

2008 – Exhibition Tour of the K.Y.S. boat, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway

2008 – Sørlandsutstillingen, Norway

2008 – The Art Academy Degree Show, the Stenersen Museum, Oslo, Norway

2008 – Snow sculpture festival, Vinje, Norway