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Homage á Munch

Homage á Munch

Markus Brendmoe

Exhibition period
10.12.2011 - 22.12.2011

Homage a Munch at TM51 takes Markus Brendmoe based on Edvard Munch's oeuvre and turns familiar scenes beyond recognition. The aim is to question originality, art definition and museum context.

Markus Brendmoe is an artist who is known to deconstruct, destroy, recreate and play with art conventions. In the exhibition "Homage a Munch" at TM51 the question: What is art? By basing the show on the canonical artist Edvard Munch, Brendmoe questioning whether it is possible to create artistic originality by relating to previous historical works of art.

The exhibition is curated by Jan Walaker and is part of the magazine project KYKYLYKY, where well-known contemporary artists will be available in magazine racks with numbered and signed prints which can be purchased in limited numbers. KYKYLYKY will be published four times a year, combined with an exhibition at TM51.

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