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Dim Sum & Leftovers

Øivin Horvei


OPENING: Saturday September 22, 7pm - 10pm
EXHIBITION: September 22 - October 04, 2012

Future fruits, shapes, and colors are defining features of Horvei´s multifaceted artistic expression. The objects range from the undiscovered and yet unseen to the more recognizable primitive and naive, from a time to come point of view. Food and art, mixed with stylistic shapes and a distinct painting hand style, he supply the viewer with an overdose of impressions. Influenced by Asian-produced plastic crap, ancient handcraft and sci-fi prose, Øivin Horvei creates a holistic post-futuristic experience that displays the beauty of detailed fragments of hope, texture, endless repetitions, surreal environments, escapism and colorful imaginary visions, not bounded by any specific medium. 

 As the title suggests, this show is a collection of novel objects, leftover paintings, as well as a mosaic piece based on leftovers from a larger ongoing project. The entire project is a manifestation of his experiences with collecting things and walking down city streets, and the feelings that arise when being surrounded by all this, leading to an overpowering need to keep and categorize objects with an irresistible aesthetic look or that just generate a certain feeling. The apparently useless and insignificant small synthetic things, nuts, books and unrecognizable objects evolve into containers of everything, including human waste, dust, lasers and fragments of life and emotions through the shape-shifting artistic processes of Horvei´s concepts and work.


Curated by Asle Olsen

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